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                 March Monthly Meeting

March 20, 2024 7:00pm

Holcomb Farm, Granby CT


The nominating committee has prepared a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors: Marty Hartranft, Joan Davis, Bobby Gregoire, Dale Gregoire, Peggy Lareau, Kristal Fiorentino, Deb Brewer, Iris Engel, Billie McNealey. Laurie Bertrand will continue as Treasurer. If anyone else wants to be considered for the new Board, please call Heather Hicks 413-427-8505. Board members are expected to attend the monthly meetings and the board meetings. Board meetings are usually held four times a year. Elections are held at the Annual Meeting in March. At the March meeting, members will also vote for the President, Vice-President and Secretary from the newly elected board.

Program:This month we’re going to team up with the good ole luck o’ the Irish, and make a horseshoe craft. You may either BYOH (that’s bring your own horseshoe) or embroidery hoop. We will have some horseshoes on hand.

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